I Moved To Oaxaca

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Parts of me are still in transit. But in brief, here's what's going on:

Dale's here! Pansy, provocateur, Belizean, but never a businessman, Dale stopped in on his way back home with his new (for him) eBay Toyota Landmark. We all piled into his van last night and went out to Cinepolis to see Troy, but the protesters had decamped and set up picket lines across most of Gringolandia's businesses, so we went home. Tried a rotisseria near the periferico, but it wasn't nearly as good as the vanished Chicken Place.

We have running water! I'm guessing that because the early start to the rainy season has filled up the reservoirs, we have enough pressure on water days that the tank on the roof of the bathroom fills up, so we have cold showers, the toilet flushes now, and the water runs from the bathroom and kitchen faucets. Whoa.

Izzy has a giant litterbox! Greg finally got tired of the mess and bought a large plastic sweaterbox and filled it with cat dirt. Everybody's happy.

So, what other than smelly hiker clothes and dirty camping dishes did I bring back from the States this trip? Some rocks, a t-shirt from Glasgow, VA, a package of Newman-Os sandwich cookies, a large jar of sweet pickle relish, my preferred brand of tampons, The Da Vinci Code, four Tasty Bites, a pooper scooper, a skirt, two jars of Patek's Indian Spice sauces, a 12-pack of Fancy Feast crack for cats, a tin of Virginia peanuts ... that might be it. Oh, and either a pretty good allergy attack or a cold, I'm not sure which, but I can barely squeak out any words and I kept everybody up last night hacking a lovely dry cough. Maybe that's why my head feels fuzzy.

I'm happy to be back home, but man oh man do I miss being in the US, even a backwoods US. If it weren't for Greg I would've been severly tempted to keep on hiking towards Maine. Can I capture that feeling here?


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