I Moved To Oaxaca

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Hoy, tenemos mucho color.

It was hot today, hot enough for us to pick up a couple of cans of Tecate and a 40-ouncer of Sol -- or, since Mexico is metric, a 940'er. Milliliters, that is. That was on our way home after eating lunch with Osvelia. I suggested the Chicken Place, and volunteered to trudge up there and buy lunch, but when G-man and I got there we saw that it's still closed. Chicken Place, why won't you open?! So instead we ended up going around the corner from Osvelia's shop and getting the comida corrida -- basically, your blue-plate special -- chicken mole for G and Osvelia, fried fish fillet for me, tortillas and a pitcher of agua fresca for all. Greg ate all the jello. (Greg also insists that I set the record straight about Johnny Depp: he says that he's liked J.D. ever since Crybaby, and that the only reason he saw Pirates was because Johnny D. was in it. And the only People magazine he really liked was the one with Johnny Depp on the cover. So now you know.)

Over lunch Osvelia told us that she had two people who both wanted to buy this antique cross; both promised to come in later to buy it. One woman, not realizing that Osvelia speaks English, was gushing to her partner about how if she could only get Osvelia to come down on the price, she could resell the cross in the U.S. and make a killing. The second woman, who said she wanted it for her own use, called to say she couldn't come in until later because it was the water day for the week in her neighborhood and she needed to stay and do laundry.

We're all hoping the woman doing the laundry ends up with it.


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