I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, April 24, 2004

The Cinepolis/Multimax schedule this week is pretty poor: a bunch of European films, The Girl Next Door, and The Secret Window. Well, G said he wouldn't mind seeing Secret Window -- I think Pirates of the Carribean got him to come around regarding fun of Mr. Depp -- so we rushed home from class to change and drive out to Gringolandia. I could tell this morning that it was going to be a hot day (it ended up being close to 90), so I'd left the fan on for Miss Izzy, and when we came home we left the front door open while we got ready to go to help cool Moderate Shangri-la off a bit. Izzy cavorted around at Greg's return, and ran in and out of the house while G we changed. Only as she was running out the door the wind caught the front door and slammed it shut before her tail cleared the frame. Oh, did she scream. I would, too -- the door looked like it was fully shut. We both jumped for the door, and in throwing it open I smashed it into Greg's hand and jammed his thumb but good. The cat ran out, then ran back in and into the back room. I looked on the ground and saw a big tuft of fur with a piece of skin still attached. Damn! I ran my hand down her tail and she didn't say anything, so we left for the movie. When we came back she still didn't want to be picked up, but Greg coaxed her out from under the bed and sympathized with her for a bit, and when we left for e-mail she was on the bed and looking a little better. And her tail's not crooked, so I think she'll be okay. How would you splint a tail, anyway?


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