I Moved To Oaxaca

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

We're leaving -- again -- in about an hour for part three of Roadtrip Verano 2004. Only this time we're headed north to Texas. I know I'll be able to blog and check e-mail while in Mexico; I hope to do the same in Mexia, but you know how that is. (Or maybe you don't; I just tried searching for the post about being banned from the only public internet access within 30 minutes of my mom's house, but I didn't find it. So there you go: I've been banned from the only public internet access within 30 minutes of my mom's house by the evil Teague library nazis.)

Before I go, I just have to share this: as you may or may not know, Cinepolis had been showing the same Hellboy preview for months and months. So I was stoked to see that this week Hellboy finally made it to Oaxaca. Except the theatre is only showing a dubbed version -- no subtitulo! Bummer. Greg and I saw a single-screen theatre, Sala Versalles, while walking around looking for a shovel, so Sunday we stopped in to check it out and see if maybe, just maybe, they were showing the English-language version.

On Saturday, the earliest showtime was 4:15; on Sunday it was 3:45, so we missed the first 30 minutes of the movie. We were the only people in the theatre, so when we stumbled out into the lobby -- the theatre was spookily dark inside, enough that we needed Greg's keychain light to find our way around or even see each other -- to inquire about this, thinking maybe they'd switched reels or something, they told us if we wanted to we could sit through the next showing in order to catch the beginning. Fair enough. Only, we didn't want to. Maybe it's better in English and viewed straight from the beginning, but we weren't impressed. Except when Cthulhu and the cthonian showed up, but that was all too brief. And of course when the credits started the lights came up, bam!, and the projectionist turned off the machine. That's when we got a look at the inside of the theatre, once I'm sure a lovely little place with a balcony and red-velvet chairs retrofitted with cupholder armrests, but now tattered and grimy and not very appealing. Which is I guess better than stupid and not very appealing like ol' Hellboy: The Movie. And now I hear that Catwoman sucks! Damn. But ... I just read online that Blade 3 is in the works. Whoo-hoo!


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