I Moved To Oaxaca

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hello from Tehuantepec!
G and I did indeed leave today on part two of Roadtrip Verano 2004. We chose another unexplored highway to travel, this time Hwy 190 southeast to the Isthmus. More humid heat. Cat's fine; she enjoyed the air-conditioning.
Hwy 190 was twisty, as apparently is required of all Oaxacan highways, but not too bad. We marked out Matatlan for a return trip (mezcal capital of Oaxaca) and passing through Santa Maria Jalapa we got a great picture from a roadside comedor of a chicken serving a platter of chicken.
We rolled into town about 6pm, and two out of the three hotels recommended by our guidebook were full! What're people doing here -- they should be in Oaxaca-town Guelaguetza'ing. We were on our way out to the highway to find a room at the expensive hotel when G spotted a posada. We checked it out; it's fine, so we checked in, settled the cat, and set off to find some dinner. We found an out-of-the way restaurant, Biche Mariscos y Bar, which turned out to be lots of fun. We shared a plate of shrimp diablo and a seafood salad -- minus any actual salad, unfortunately, but the seafood was good on tortilla chips with some of the diablo sauce. Including raw oysters, so we'll see if my Mexican gastronomic luck holds.
Tehuantepec is a small town, just up the highway from Salina Cruz, the port town in these parts. We're off now to find a cool breeze -- we're dripping sweat -- and tomorrow, ruins! I think we'll be here tomorrow night, too, then head up the coast to Zipolite; er, I mean, Puerto Angel.


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