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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Roadtrip Verano 2004: Day, uh...?

We're in San Jose Chiltepec, a little ways south of Tuxtepec. We're staying the night here after a super-short day of driving. Still in the Papaloapan, so it's hot 'n' humid. Our posada is roofed in tin.

Yesterday we were in San Somebody Ixcatlan, on the shores of the state's big reservoir. A nice little town, as was Jalapa, the "big" town near Ixcatlan. Our hotel had a rooftop patio with a view of the reservoir and mountains, and we had big fried lake bass and tortillas for dinner. Scrumptious.

It's also really pretty countryside to drive through, and someday I'd like to come back and do the hike to the top of Cerro Rabon, a massif looming over Jalapa. Everything's very green, very tropical, though our guidebook says we're in "tropical evergreen forest" and not rainforest. Still, just think tropical and you'll be on the right track.

We only stayed in Tuxtepec, the city alongside the Rio Tuxtepec, only long enough to buy some contact lens solution and see a very unimpressive ruined Aztec watch tower before continuing on to this town -- much like the day before, where we pretty much blew through Huatla before continuing on to Ixcatlan. We had planned to spend some time in Huatla looking around, but neither of us liked the vibe. But the mountains Huatla sits in were stunning. A great drive on a sometimes iffy road.

Tomorrow we might stop in Ixtlan up in the Sierra Norte, but I bet we end up going all the way back to Oaxaca. Guess we'll find out tomorrow.

Man, it's hot.


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