I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Almost forgot:

Tomorrow we're loading up Little Jumbo and departing for roads unknown. Yes, a roadtrip, probably into the northern part of the state, the Mazateca. Not much as far as ruins, but mostly scenery and Maria Sabina's home pueblo -- I figure that if G is studying with Jorge, one of her students, then it's a good place to visit. And mountains, of course, lovely Oaxaca mountains. I'll post updates from the road if possible.

Also ... do you like sushi? I know I do, and I miss it terribly, though not enough to ever go back to Restaurante Kyoto and choke down more examples of Oaxacan sushi. But tucked away in the many treats and surprises crammed into Greg's luggage on his return from the States was, a small bento box of sushi from the international terminal at SFO. Oh, good lordy! It was divine. Airport sushi was divine.


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