I Moved To Oaxaca

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hello, and welcome to Roadtrip Verano 2004!

We left Oaxaca around noon today; not an early start, I know, but once we packed and loaded up the car, we stopped in at Soriana first to get duct tape to tape plastic over the broken window. Except I saw they sold plastic window screening and adhesive-backed velcro, so I bought that and some scissors and G and I made a ghetto-fabulous screen for the window, which took some time.

We drove over the mountains and into the CaƱada, a region on Oaxaca characterized by dry tropical scrub, if you can imagine: palms, bananas, papayas, bouganville with palo verde and cacti. All surrounded by dramatic red and chocolate-brown cliffs and green mountains covered with clouds. Hardly any traffic on the highway, and only small pueblos.

Right now we're in Teotitlan del Camino, near the border with the state of Puebla. The "del Camino" refers to Hwy 135. It's the equivalent of a county seat, but it's only got about 5,000 people in it. We got in just in time to see everyone packing up the Sunday tianguis, so after we checked in to our hotel for the night and got Izzy settled with her box and food and water, we walked a couple of blocks to Restaurante Sylvia for dinner. Today's comida was chicken in red sauce, pasta soup, rice, and tortillas, washed down with a beer. This internet cafe is right down the street from Sylvia's. When we walk through the town plaza back to our hotel we will have done the town.

Tomorrow: Huatla, the hometown of Maria Sabina, the famous shaman of the Mazateca.


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