I Moved To Oaxaca

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Last week I was hating being in Mexico; today I'm feeling optomistic and happy. Greg comes back tonight, and I get to pick him up in a very clean, very non-squeaky Little Jumbo. Yes! Not only did I find a mechanic on my own, I managed to find one that tuned her up and fixed her brakes in two days. Incredible.

I also successfully braved the Abastos on my hunt for furniture, and found two more places with stuff I like at reasonable prices, so I'm feeling better about Moderate Shangri-la, too.

And playing rugby helps -- Christ, I would've taken up curling if the opportunity presented itself. It just feels so good to be running around.

And since the car is fixed and Greg coming back, I'm hoping that this Sunday the three of us can hit the road for a little roadtrip around the state. I've got a couple of loop trips plotted out already.



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