I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, June 26, 2004

G-man is still in Ohio, whooping it up at Origins with the assorted tribe of geeks, nerds, and pear-shaped mouth-breathers that make up the gaming community. Wish I was there! And this year they're having a blow-out Hall of Famer reunion, too. And, he's running a Pendragon game! Damn! Although I'm sure he won't find any decent Mexican food in Columbus, he says he's having a blast.

I was thinking today how lucky he is: not only is he a self-taught expert in the esoteric language of mythology, he gets to use it in his chosen profession, gaming. And not only does he get to use his favorite themes in his profession, but he's one of those rare individuals who actually had a hand in shaping his industry. That's my guy!


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