I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Where to start? I was going to start by talking about The Day After Tomorrow but got sidetracked looking for a link for hoopdy. And then I got distracted thinking about a site dedicated to sites about people's cars, then by the mass of slang dictionaries with .uk and .edu addresses. I almost had to cut the cord! Which brings me back to ... The Day After Tomorrow. See it with someone who will makes jokes through the movie! My two favorite parts -- and I don't think I'm giving anything away -- were when the Fox News reporter was smashed by the Angelyne billboard, and when Greg shouted "¿¡Habla español!?" at the screen while the gringos were wading across the border into Mexico.

So, when Dale was here he told me why he uses majortom as his e-mail address. It's a scenario that'll be familiar to anyone who's ever lived in SF and then moved across the bay: you disappear from your friend's radar, unless of course you happen to go back into The City, in which case poing! you're back online socially. Only it was Dale's kids who pretty much didn't realize that living on a sandspit in Belize with a town connected to the mainland by a dirt road (or boat) and far, far, far from electricity or any blacktop makes it difficult to live according to American standards. So he'd ask them for emergency parts, and they'd forget to send or bring them, that kind of thing. And damn if my most excellent family doesn't come through not once but three times with goodie packages while he's here: magazines, letters, exotic foodstuffs. Oh, it warmed my little heart!


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