I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Saturday night, and what am I doing? Sitting at a fucking computer at the Internet cafe. Loser.

Part -- only part -- of the problem is that it is Saturday, which this month means my getting up at 6am and stumbling into Berlitz by 7:30a for the first of two classes and many mugs of second- and/or third-rate coffee on the patio. By 2pm I'm tired from having been "on" for six hours, yet wired from all the caffeine. And since Manuel got demoted, no one brought fruit today so yes, I ate hydrogenated palm oil-laden cookies and candies to counter any off-putting coffee breath. So I got home and scooped up G and off we went in search of a rotiseria, and again came up empty, but we did find some okay carnitas for our vitamin T. Which I then topped off with a pineapple raspado. Totally stuffed, I rolled back home and took a nap; G woke me up at 5pm before he left for a temescal at Ceviarem. So not only is it 9pm and I'm not tired and I'm not hungry so I won't be eating dinner or going to bed anytime soon, this week is not a good movie week. But, gee, I guess I am a little cranky, huh kids?

Shrek 2 opened in Oaxaca, but only in Spanish! And three weeks of language class helped a lot but not that much. Calendar Girls and The Ladykillers are both playing, but only matinee times. And there's still Troy, which G has already seen twice, so I think it'll be difficult to get him to commit to another three hours of Brad.

But, I want to end this on a good note, so ... next Saturday is my last two-class Saturday! And my second class will be a puff class since it's Kid's Fest, which is the school's "Hey Parents Come Watch Your Kids Parrot Some English!" performance. Then June 30, I am outta there! The school finally breaks for summer, and I won't have to think about English verb tenses until the middle of August.

Shit! I forgot the biggest news of all: Moderate Shangri-la now has hot water! Hoo-wee, a couple of days ago our landlord Juan Carlos came by and said he had the part to hook up the gas tank to the water heater. Turned out he was still shy a part, so G gave him the 40 pesos or so and he got some metal bit, attached everything ... then said, not enough pressure in the gas tank. Hey, no kidding -- the next day while heating up some water for tea the stove went out. Dry gas tank. So I used my alcohol backpacking stove while G grumbled and stumbled around waiting for either a gas truck to go by or for the local coffee shops to open. Well, he ended up going to a coffee shop, then sitting out on the sidewalk in front of the house waiting for a truck to go by. Hey! Know we know why people hang out in front of their houses -- they're waiting for services to go rolling by. The gas truck finally came around, Juan Carlos hooked up the full tank, and voila, a hot-water shower. Wow.


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