I Moved To Oaxaca

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hey, time for one more entry before I go. We went to the movies today; Cinepolis refreshed its offerings early this week, I suppose because of the holiday. The theater was pretty crowded. Thirteen came and went pretty quick, so I missed it, and Peter Pan is still only showing dubbed in Spanish, so our choices were Ned Kelly, The Alamo, and 50 First Dates. As much as we want to see The Alamo sitting in a Mexican theater, the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes were pretty harsh, so we ended up seeing 50 First Dates, or Como Si Fuera La Primera Vez as it's known here. I could tell right away it was a stinker, but I did laugh out loud twice, so that's something for this purported comedy, I guess. And it's not like I'm a miser with my laughter. So we're sitting there cracking jokes at the movie's expense, but at one point I look over and sure enough, G is crying. Damn. Sometimes he is just too sweet for words.

A little more about my recent flurry of social activity. I've met a number of people since I moved here in July, and while there hasn't been anyone I've disliked, I haven't really clicked with anyone, either. As a let's-hang-out-and-do-stuff-even-if-it's-just-talk kind of friend. I think that's why I was so excited when hanging out with Caroline and Ian was so much fun; maybe they'd be those kind of friends. But, like so many people I've met in Oaxaca, they were just moving through. But for lunch today I ate some tuna salad with crackers and cheese they gave to us before they moved on, and every time I walked through the door between our bedroom and the dining room today, I saw the calla lilies they left with us, and somehow that's enough. For now.


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