I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, April 24, 2004

My joy at eating almost nothing other than Vitamin T (tacos, tlayudas, taquitos, etc.) turned to sadness when, about 24 hours after consuming some non-vitamin T strawberry yogurt, I got up to the sound of the alarm and rushed to get ready to meet Christine for a walk up the escaleras. (G and I met Christine down in Zipolite and gave her our number when she said she was headed our way.) I had walked up the escaleras, through the hills to the road and back the day before, and thought that maybe I was tired from the day before. I ignored the intestinal distress except to swig a mouthful of pepto-bismol, and hustled down to our agreed-upon meeting place. Well, we started up those stairs and I just felt so winded, and when we finally made it to the road, I pointed out that we could at that point take the bus back downtown, or turn around and retrace our steps. Christine voted for the latter, so we started up the hill. We didn't get too far before I paused and said I needed to sit down for a moment. Got up and started up the hill again but stopped after only a couple of steps and said I thought I needed to take the bus back. Then, excuse me while I throw up. I sure know how to impress! At least it was a pretty shade of pink.

So we took the Xoxo bus down to the Llano, where we got off and I showed Christine the Friday tianguis at Conzatti, and the organic market at El Pochote. I got some vegetables, but passed on the yogurt. Then I had to beg off and go home and lie down, where I stayed in my fevery, nauseous misery for the rest of the evening.

Today, though, I feel just peachy.


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