I Moved To Oaxaca

Thursday, November 20, 2003

It's Revolution Day in Mexico, a national holiday -- we also get Friday off, too. But not Saturday! What is wrong with Berlitz? Oh yeah, money. No classes, no paying students. Huh.

So instead of a fabulous four day weekend, we have to content ourselves with two consecutive days off in a row -- in itself a rarity -- working Saturday, and off again Sunday. Next year, we're going to do like Cesar did this year, and take the damn Saturday off. Man, we coulda driven down to the coast! Ah, well. Hopefully we'll catch the schoolkids parade, this time with the camera. We caught one yesterday sans camera: the kids were dressed up like little revolutionaries, with painted-on sideburns, sombreros, bandoliers, and serapes (made from the ubiquitous, striped-cotton dish towels!) for the boys, little ribbon skirts and blouses for the girls. Cute as hell.

I think we might road-trip tomorrow out to see some more ruins north of town. Pretty soon we will be out of open-to-the-public archeological sites to visit!


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