I Moved To Oaxaca

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

A pretty quiet Tuesday. I had a morning class, and will have one afternoon class. Oh, and a Spanish class today so Alba can work on her thesis. Greg doesn't have any English classes today -- how'd he manage that? -- and has disappeared. My morning class students told me that in Mexico, when a child loses a milk tooth, they place it under their pillow and during the night mice come and exchange the tooth for money.

Oh, and some pictures of Cerro San Felipe flora are up in the links list on the left:

-in the trail picture, the big tree on the left is an ahuehuete -- just like the Tule Tree! -- and is a relative of the California sequoia and redwood;

-the cactus/oak assemblage was typical of the park's southern exposure hillsides. I took the "sun-loving flower" photo near the spot of the cactus/oak picture;

-most of the flowers pictured are half an inch to an inch across. I love my little camera!


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