I Moved To Oaxaca

Monday, November 17, 2003

Monday morning. I just got an e-mail from Noah, Greg's oldest son -- he and his wife just had the baby! A couple weeks early. His name's Elliott, and he was born Nov. 14. Noah was saying he wanted to give him a Greek/Spanish name, like Ulysses or Heraclio -- I don't know what happened on that front. But in any case, whee! The baby's here!

I'm going to a travel agent today to get us flights from Mexico City to the States for the latter half of December. Izzy can't ride in the passenger area of first-class Mexican buses, so we might have Greg fly back a few days early, bus to Oaxaca, then drive back up with Little Jumbo to pick us up from the airport.

Sunday Greg and I went joyriding around the Oaxacan countryside; I'll post the pictures soon. We went to Cuilapan, a town with an old, 16-century, uncompleted basilica. Very pretty, even without a roof. We stopped in to see the ruins at Zaachila, then cut over to see more ruins at Yagul.



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