I Moved To Oaxaca

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

At school, whenever Greg or I relate a little “welcome to Mexico” anecdote about adjusting to Mexico our students often come back with, “go to Sam’s Club!” My opinion has been, I don’t shop at Sam’s Club back in California, why start now. Well …

There’s been a change in the weather. Sunday it was cool enough in the late afternoon that I wore my hiking jacket (the only jacket I have here) when we went out. No socks, mind, but a jacket. And I noticed that, while I wasn’t waking up cold, I wasn’t sleeping soundly. So last night both of us wore a t-shirt to bed. Wow, what a difference. I woke up and realized, hey, I’m comfortable … but my legs are on the cool side. We’ve been planning on retrieving a lot of our colder weather things when we head Stateside in late December/early January. But now I’m thinking we may need a blanket before then. And I’m thinking Sam’s Club might be the place to go looking for one. Besides, Greg says, maybe they sell pickle relish.

Okay, cold weather in the tropics. On one of my visits to Hawaii, I was driving across Volcanoes National Park [link] with a group going to South Point. The Big Island has year-round snow on top of Mauna Kea, where the observatory is; I think it’s around 14,000’ high. The park isn’t that high, but its got enough elevation that it’s good to take a jacket when you visit. Anyway, we’re driving through the park, going from Hilo to South Point on the other side of the island, and as the temperature drops we hit a patch of vog (volcanic fog/smog). So the guide is telling us about the weather in the park, saying it can get downright chilly, and to illustrate just how cold it can get, he says, “sometimes I have to put on socks!” Yeah, dude, that is cold.

Wishing for some tropical weather now, are ya? Here's Isaac Hale State Park, and a business in Honoka'a, and a sea turtle, and a Kailua-Kona beach, and some pals of mine.


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