I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, November 29, 2003

12 hours later. Did my work, had my sopa Azteca and suero, watched some clown and acrobats in the street (? -- it's Oaxaca). Killing time waiting for Tamale Lady to show up.

Over our beers Greg and I got to talking about Mary Worth and Apt. 3-G. The world's most unfunny, boring comics. No, wait -- that's Cathy and Garfield. So let's call 'em the tiredest comics. Although that might still be Cathy and Garfield. And Andy Capp. And the Lockhorns. Anyway. We were talking about Mary Worth and Apt. 3-G and Rex Worth -- is he related to Mary Worth? Oh, wait! It's Rex Morgan, MD. With that metal doctor's badge on his head. I asked Greg what that thing is, and he he'd seen them when he was a kid and that it was to focus a beam of light on the patient. I asked Greg if they had flashlights when he was a kid. Hey! Don't you start, too. When he was a kid they didn't have plastic, frozen foods, or ballpoint pens. No Bics! But I have gotten nothing but teasing about it since.

Tomorrow I'm going on a 45km bikeride through the Oaxaca valley. Whoo-ya!


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