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Friday, October 08, 2004

I've always found the schism between writers/editors and art/production people fascinating. Did you see this? It's a great example. This month one of the local free papers had another: all the articles across an inside spread had "the subhead goes here" and "the caption goes here."

"Don't you read the copy?!"

"Don't you look at the design?!"

And from what I've seen, the answers are no and no.

In other news, finally! Fahrenheit 9/11 has come to Oaxaca! Only ten months after it was in the States. Still waiting to see if Hero comes here, too. Then I could see it again, only instead of dubbed into German like the first time I saw it (Jet Li speaking German -- trippy), I could see it dubbed into Spanish. My own personal game of Around the World With Hero.

In other, other news, I know I've mentioned my brushes with tejate, that crazy YooHoo of a Oaxacan beverage. Here's an article from the Oaxaca Times about trying tejate. Too bad the picture's black and white.

Soon it'll be cold enough for atole, that watery hot corn drink. Mmm. Oh, and by "cold enough" I mean temperatures consistently in the 70s. Brrr!


  • You'll enjoy this one, then: Town's anger as newspaper gaffe sees religious ceremony ridiculed. ('One of the picture captions ran: "Caption, caption about these pious little bleeders and the lady busser doing that interminably boring thing so cherished by Border festivals. What on earth is going on in this picture - these people have got to get out more often for their peace of mind and sanity."')

    Link courtesy of Pagan Prattle, 23 July - a blog which incidentally shares your exquisite taste in quality religious merchandise.

    Cheers, Nick

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:11 AM  

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