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Friday, September 24, 2004

God's irritation with Florida means I got this notice from my ISP:

Folks - it's been one heck of a week. Monday, as you know, was not a very good day. Explosions and fire took our network center off the grid for nearly half a day. And now on Friday of the same week, we find ourselves facing yet another hurricane. This time, it's headed straight for our area. (See: www.nhc.noaa.gov, www.floridatoday.com).

In other news, our neighbors have a dog, Coco. She's fine as dogs go, although she barks at us like we're invaders every time we come in the front gate. To help keep her entertained while the kids are in school, they often chop up a coconut for her to play with. It's sorta like a tropical Kong toy for dogs: she spends hours digging out the coconut meat, then tossing the husk around the patio.

Today, though, the entertainment was definitely the kitten in my lap. Oh, Coco stared! and when Buixa (Boo-EE-sha), the middle daughter, came over and fawned over the kitten, Coco went nuts. She kept coming over to me (which she never does) to sniff the kitten and look it over closely. And when her doggy face would get too close the kitten gave her swipes, which only added to the insult and set her off barking petulantly.

Yeah, I brought home a little bag of bones in a cat suit this morning, after giving it a couple of "dog bombs" last night on the way home from work. Miraculously, it was still there this morning, hiding behind the newsstand at the Intersection of Death.

I have seen so many starving, sore-riddled dogs over the past fourteen months. Excruciatingly pathetic, wobbling down the street, trying to stay out of kicking range. And the lost kitten that our handy-man mercifully killed -- if unfortunately in front of me, the starving kitten hiding in the stump near work, etc etc etc. I can't believe it's wrong to try to save one little life from a short, crappy existence. My beloved Miss Izzy Vasquez, the queen of piss and vinegar, died two months ago today, too. I know she wouldn't mind.

But G is pissed.


  • Hey, congratulations on the new kitten!! I just got home from a fortnight working in the US to learn Julie had found one for us, too (on 24 September - must be in the stars, or something).

    Ours is called Ron (because he's ginger), and he's *completely adorable*. (Although Tigger the Cat doesn't think so - he's acting like a pantomime Wicked Uncle. But no harm done as yet).

    All the best from Nick, Julie, Sarah, Wilfie, Tigger (hiss) and Ron.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:43 AM  

  • Nick! I keep forgetting to bring your e-mail address with me to the internet cafe. Thank you so much for the cheery e-mail -- I'm feeling a lot better about Sept 24 since apparently it IS a special cat day. Squeeze your family for me!

    By Blogger Bones, at 6:19 PM  

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