I Moved To Oaxaca

Monday, October 11, 2004

In Pendragon terms, I am Suspicious 18, so naturally I think they're fucking with me at work. This last Saturday it was Greg who had to stumble around Moderate Shangri-la in the dark to get ready for early morning classes, not me. I got to sleep in. Only I'm so accustomed to getting up to the alarm that after he got up and I fell back asleep, I kept dreaming of the phone ringing -- yeah, we use our cell phone as our alarm clock.

So at 7:30 I got up to start my day, and while I'm putting my contacts in and fending off the kitten, I hear the phone ring, announcing an incoming call. It's 5:30a in California; who'd be calling at that hour? I grabbed the phone and it was G-man, telling me to get my ass to school pronto for my 8:00 class. My what? Yeah, the scheduled rotation got pushed back.

Well, I got there at five minutes to 8 -- late by school standards, but before any of my students arrived, so I had enough time to grab the books and put on a happy face.

Now, today during the second of my morning classes, I looked at my watch and said, Oh! time to go, do these exercises for homework and I'll see you Wednesday. My students looked at me and said, But we have another half hour of class! Huh? Apparently, to make up for some lost school days, my San Antonio group is going to be an hour and a half instead of an hour for the next three weeks.

"But didn't Gilo tell you?"

Mmm, no, he did not.


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