I Moved To Oaxaca

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

In Spanish, falling bodies go "pum!" not splat. That's how it gets translated at the movies, anyway.

Back in May, when I left to go hiking on the Appalachian Trail, I was bummed thinking I would miss my patio tree's fruit season. When I left in early May the green fruits were already full-sized. Well, I got back and they were still on the tree, still green. They were still green when we left on our summer roadtrips, they were greeen we we returned. They were green when school started. Nor were they any bigger. I've seen (and tasted) in the market, with orange skin and tasty pulp, so I know that eventually something will change.

About two weeks ago the fruits at the top of the tree started ripening ... then dropping half-eaten onto our patio. I figured it was the birds pigging out, but then lizards started dropping out of the tree and onto the patio, pum!, before running up the trunk and disappearing into the crown. G thinks that maybe the fruits are fermenting. I don't know. But there continues to be a lot of lizard activity around the tree. Oh! and a lizard hitting bricks sounds more like a plop than a pum.

In other news, our FM3 renewal paperwork was accepted on the first try! Amazing. Maybe they figure if you can get through the process the first time, and actually live here long enough to renew, they can cut you some slack.


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