I Moved To Oaxaca

Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'm pretty sure that today Osvelia and her crew of hearty men will come by and remove the furniture. Not certain, mind, but likely. So we're off, tarjeta in hand, to Sam's Club to get a mattress and some fine plastic chairs.

While we explore the dark heart of Gringolandia, maybe you, if you haven't already, go out to see I, Robot. It kicks ass! We had a great time. Great sci-fi, a cat, Will Smith, pie ... a very enjoyable B. If it's still in the theatres down here next week I'm gonna see it again.

And, I made a couple of little QuickTime movies of our summer roadtrips. The first, smaller (2.4MB) file, which you can download here, is dedicated to all the restaurant signs we saw depicting animals serving other animals as food. Delightfully disturbing.

The second, larger (6.1MB) file combines our three summer roadtrips into one: north into the Papaloapan, south to the Isthmus, and way north to Texas and back. I think we put about 3,000 miles on Little Jumbo this summer. But now she's got all four windows again! She still squeaks, but when you get a look at what we drove over, you'll see that a little squeak isn't so bad really.


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