I Moved To Oaxaca

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Hola from Mexia!

Let's see ... after stopping in Naranjos for money and e-mail, we drove on and on an on, to Ciudad Victoria. A long drive, and one we assumed would be past more services than we saw. But there was nothing. We ended up reaching Victoria after dark, in the rain, stressed and tired. We checked into a hotel and crashed, both room fans blazing.

Next morning we were up and, bypassing the institutional cafeteria in our hotel, crossed the plaza and ate at Daddy's, the restaurant in the HoJos. And that time we both ate breakfast so we'd be on the same food schedule. Oh, it was hot, but not as bad as on the coast. We got to the border about 1:30p, crossed quickly, and got the biggest iced teas we could find while we arranged for US insurance. It was 105 degrees.

Then we zoomed north on wonderfully paved American highways, with all the reflectors, lane striping, and shoulders we love and none of the random livestock encounters, missing chunks of asphalt, or topes we've come to expect while driving. But you know what? It was so easy driving on 281 north from McAllen that it was boring -- at least driving in Mexico is like playing Mario Bros.

I thought we would make Austin, so I had hotel and restaurant info for that, but we only got as far as San Antonio, so poor G had to put up with me cruising around downtown looking for an interesting hotel to stay in. I mean, if we were gonna pay outrageous rates -- you know, something more than the $15-$18 US we had been paying in Mexico -- I wanted it to be something fun. And we lucked into the last non-suite room at the Menger Hotel! Then we went off and ate American food, pork chops and mashed potatoes and gravy and Steiner Bock, collected some squished pennies, and crashed. Before we left the next day we went down and toured the Alamo. Gentlemen, please remove your hats before entering the Shrine.

After that unexpected and really fun bit of tourism, it was a pretty straight shot to Mexia: stopped at a roadside attraction (snake farm!), ate bbq in Austin, talked to the Subaru dealer in Temple. Now we're here, playing with animals and horrifying my mom with stories about living in Oaxaca, drinking California wine and organic milk, playing with animals and generally glad not to be whizzing along at 110 kph for awhile.


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