I Moved To Oaxaca

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

G and I drove out to Gringolandia yesterday to see King Arthur at Cinepolis. Let's just say that Excalibur is still the best Arthurian movie made. Okay, let's not: what a piece of crap! A 'D' for sure.

(If you plan on seeing the movie, stop reading right now.)

I'm not some hoity-toity Arthurian purist -- Sarmatians, Germanicus, the Pelagian Heresy, bring it on. And an abbreviated number of Round Table knights is sensible in a movie, otherwise it's just too overwhelming. But Dagonet? Come on! And if you've got to kill off your knights, Mister Fuqua, next time start with Galahad. And don't kill Lancelot before Arthur and Guinevere get married, especially if that's how you end the movie. Geez. And why did you have to make my favorite knight, Tristan, the only one without a personal stylist? Surely Lancelot had enough grooming products to share.

G and I talked about the best parts of the movie (short conversation) and the worst (much longer). Then we wondered which characters we'd choose for our six companions to Arthur. Me? I'd pick Tristan, Ywain, Gawain, Dinadan, Palomides, and Pellinore. How about you?


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