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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wasn't that eclipse beautiful? I hope you got to see it.

In the It's A Small World Afterall department, I've been e-mailing a couple of folks who saw my blog and sent me e-mail with vacation and living-here questions. Yesterday G decided on a whim to stop in at Oaxaca International and say goodbye to everyone, and when he got there the school was holding a presentation on traditional spirituality. While he's there at the presentation, G starts talking to this guy, who turns out to be a friend of one of the women I've been e-mailing. The guy says, "Oh, you're Greg!" which of course left G completely in the dark until the two of them came over to Moderate Shangri-la so I could explain what was going on and he could see the place and report back to his friend, who is moving here. Wow.

Tomorrow I go shopping for altar supplies and then I get to set up our Day of the Dead altar: flowers, candles, a loaf of dead bread, a can of tuna. I'm not sure what we're doing after our final class Saturday, or Sunday or that matter, but on Monday we're going out to Teotitlan to have lunch with Zacharias and his family. Mmm, turkey mole, here we come!


  • I saw the eclipse in Boston while the Red Sox finally won the World Series. Now I am off to NJ to meet Zacharais's son, Antonio who is up to celebrate El Dia and close a major exhibition of Oaxacan art at the museum at Wheaton Village. He is traveling with Jesus Sosa fron San Martin. They are both doing demonstrations and visiting around the Philadephia area. There are a surprising number of oaxaqueños in South Jersey. We will have turkey mole too and more... but not quite the same as at Zacharais's house. Enjoy. Ain't life rich?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:23 PM  

  • Okay, my puzzler is sore: have we met?

    Please say Hi! to Antonio for us, and enjoy the mole.

    By Blogger Bones, at 4:42 PM  

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