I Moved To Oaxaca

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

As of yesterday we again have hot water for the shower, and Juan Carlos says that sometime today we should have an estufa, too, which is good because I am out of denatured alcohol for my backpacking stove and haven't been able to make hot water for tea for coffee since Saturday. An estufa, for the folks playing at home, is just the stove top, the burners. No oven. I just don't feel right buying a whole stove/oven combo if we're not staying here, and since everything is up in the air ... the estufa will do for now.

Took G to the hospital Monday morning* to get some medication. He's now up and about, though still woozy with infection. But he's on the mend.

Time's up!

*Update: This is for everyone who's ever gone to Kaiser or their local HMO without an appointment for anything other than a gunshot wound. I drove G to the hospital and dropped him off, then went up to school and told them he wasn't coming in to teach. Then I drove back home, dropped off the car, took a quick bucket shower, then walked over to the hospital with a book to sit down and wait for G. I was figuring on a couple of hours, easy. But Greg was standing out front, waiting for me! It took him about half an hour, tops. So while yes, I agree that national health plans have their downsides, dropping into the emergency room for treatment of a flu-like ailment isn't one of them.


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