I Moved To Oaxaca

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Master and Commander -- sorry! El Capitan de Mar y Guerro. Have you seen it? Boy, I'm glad it was subtitled. Although when el capitan made a pun, the subtitler didn't even bother trying.

In other news, our box of self-mailed magazines arrived today. Whee! A slew of old New Yorkers and Smithsonians, a whole day before Magazine Day.

(Yeah, I'm killing time while Greg finishes up updating his class cards). Today after Greg's Spanish conversation practice with Paco and Maya, we stopped by Donut Lady's hatchback to see what she was selling today. Jackpot! Oaxaca tostadas (with the pickled vegetables in red sauce) and her breaded mystery cutlet for comida. I think it's pork, but it's hard to tell; I've seen high-school essays thicker than these cutlets, and that's after being breaded. But they're good, and they come with a bag of juice (today's was hibiscus), black beans, rice, tortillas, and guacamole. It was enough chow that I didn't feel compelled to get a donut.

Okay, he's done.


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