I Moved To Oaxaca

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

It's so ... quiet. Like I'm enveloped in a fog of inoperative e-mail. Hey! I am enveloped in a fog of inoperative e-mail!

And, just so you know I haven't succumbed to a bus:

Greg's birthday was on the 9th. We celebrated by teaching English and eating too much cake decorated with orange butter frosting flowers and green marischino cherries. Hey! My son-in-law Brian's birthday was the ninth, too. And my stepdaughter Alisha's is on the 11th. Happy Birthday, Feb Babies!

I know have Greg's 7:30am class, while he's got my old afternoon class. We'll see what kind of schedule March brings.

I have been trying to arrange for our little semana santa vacation on the coast this April. I haven't gotten very far without e-mail or a phone. So ... I went out and bought a phone, a little Panasonic GD-55. In deference to my manly half, I didn't get the pink one. If you want to call us on our little miracle of 21st century engineering, e-mail me for the number.

Time's up.


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