I Moved To Oaxaca

Thursday, January 22, 2004

I called Jason yesterday to chat, see how he's doing -- he twisted his left knee (his bowling knee!) pretty bad playing basketball -- and, you know, just call him. He's fine, we're fine, so there wasn't much to say but that wasn't the point of calling anyway.

People sometimes tell me, moved to Mexico huh? Good thing your kids are grown. The longer I'm down here the less I believe that. Yeah, it would've been a much harder decidsion with school-age kids in the house, but they would've had to come with us in the end. Now, though, Jason is a young adult on his own and after all of us suffering through his teenage years together we were really enjoying the sweet fruits of his re-emergence into humanity. But now, we're not just up the street from his dumpy bachelor pad. Now, we have to substitute phone calls and e-mails for sitting on the sofa watching the Cowboys pound the Niners while Greg types away or putters with his aquarium. I miss that guy a lot.

(That's him on the right, with his brother Noah and his nephew Elliot.)


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