I Moved To Oaxaca

Sunday, September 28, 2003

When I buy eggs at Pitico I either have to take an empty egg cardboard with me -- it's not a carton but a flat piece of cardboard with indentations in it to cradle eggs -- or move eggs around on the cardboards in the store until I have the amount of eggs I want on one cardboard. Only on Saturday I went to the market directly from school, so I had no cardboard of my own, and they must've just gotten a shipment of eggs because all the cardboards were full. So I ended up with 20 eggs, which is WAY too many.

Pitico has two kinds of eggs: regular ol' white eggs and "huevos organicos," brown eggs right from the chicken's bum. Literally: the eggs usually have feathers and the kind of material you might expect to associate with a chicken's bum stuck to the shells. They all get washed before use! So even though I have no idea what "huevos organicos" might really mean, I buy them in the hopes that it means at least that the eggs aren't from chickens doomed to a short, unhappy life in a chicken factory.


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