I Moved To Oaxaca

Monday, September 22, 2003

I can't believe I forgot to mention this: last Wednesday, Adam took us back to Immigration. Everyone there must've been in a mellow mood because of the holiday, because they accepted our paperwork. Yeah, after only two rejections! So in 20 days or so I can go back and pick up my brand-spankin' new FM3, working alien visa. Yowza! (I threw that bit of vocab into my lesson today.)

Uh, I still have this head cold. Oscar and Claire (who are now an item) came over last night and the guys made dinner while the girls chatted and/or snuffled. We had rice and steamed carrots (Greg) and steamed manta ray with tomatoes and mysterious Mexican herbs (Oscar).

Salvador, one of my students, kept eyeing my People magazine in class today, so afterwards I let him borrow it -- it's the issue with Plastic Surgery of the Stars on the cover.

The new Cineplex is open at Gringolandia; it looks a lot like an American multiplex. Didn't see a movie there as the timing didn't work out, but I think I will try to soon.

Oh, and if you care about this sort of thing, I am finally putting information up on my hiking blog. Sadly, nothing new, just chronicling old hikes. I've contacted a couple of adventure outfit kind of places, but strangely, none post anything like a schedule on their websites, and have not responded to queries. Hopefully soon, 'cause I'm getting tired of being in civilization all the time.


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