I Moved To Oaxaca

Friday, September 19, 2003

The honeymoon is over!

Oh, don't worry: it's just that people at work have now switched to speaking in Spanish when we're around. At first, people would politely switch to English, but we told Patricia, the director, that we're not practicing much, so I think she gave the word to the staff. For instance, we had a training session this morning, and most of it was in Spanish. I don't mind; I know it's for my own good. But, I already feel shy around everybody because I'm new there, and talking in Spanish makes it just that much harder. One of the teachers is having a party at his house this Saturday after classes, a potluck. I can't believe how much I stressed about what to bring before I copped out and signed up for meat for the grill. Truth is, I am afraid of my oven -- it's the kind that I have to light after turning on the gas. Ugh. (When I was little, a house at the end of the street where I lived developed a gas leak and blew to smithereens one day. That doesn't necessarily mean it was the oven's fault, but still.) I even thought about being cheeky and bring enchiladas, but then I'd not only have to light the oven but buy a pan. So raw meat it is!

Speaking of meat, I did it: I bought some fish fillets from one of the stalls at the Friday market. I think he said it was tuna. Whatever it is, it's for dinner tonight, along with some cucumber, radish, and avocado salad and rice.

I also saw the same little Zapotec woman selling on the ground this week that I'd seen last week with Oscar and Marlys. So I got some apples and limes from her, and remembered how to say "thank you" in Zapotec -- I don't know how it's spelled, but it sounds like "push keys."

My mom is off this Sunday to visit her sister and my uncle; they live in Big Pine (or is it Lone Pine? I always confuse the two). I am still trying to figure out how and when to fly to Dallas and get the cats. This might have been expected, but it surprised me: I can't book flights on services like expedia and orbitz from Mexico. Or, more precisely, I can't book flights that originate outside the U.S. Shit! Now I gotta either have our El Cerrito-based travel agency do it, or try to do it in a Mexicana or Aero Mexico office here.

Have I mentioned lately how much I miss California?

Shoot, my hour's up. Gotta run.


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