I Moved To Oaxaca

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Hey, we jumped in Little Jumbo today and drove out to Monte Alban! Lovely. Let´s home this whole links to pictures thing works. On the way back we stopped in Santa Maria Atzompa to see the artisan´s market. We had lunch at a great little place next to the market: chicken chiles rellenos and a cantalope agua fresca for me, and sopa Zapoteca and the BEST home-made tortillas for Greg. So good we asked for a second round of tortillas.

So, I´m no pottery expert -- I know very little about it. Now, the baskets I see for sale occasionally, that´s a different story. But at the pottery market we just went with whimsy: a small, yellow pig condiment dish; a little green frog for my mom (mom, Greg is fixated on the frog thing, just to warn you); a napkin holder in the shape of a calla lilly; and a big tortoise-shaped planter for my teeny coffee plant, that I got at the Coffee Festival next to the Mezcal Festival during the big ol´Guelaguetza Festival. It´s still in the styrofoam coffee cup I bought it in. Now I gotta find some potting soil.

Did I mention that we finally found cat litter for sale, at Gigante?

I also bought some more beans at the Juarez market before we took off for Monte Alban. And because I didn´t want to walk through the inside of the market (sometime the meat smells really get to me), we went around the outside, where we have to constantly duck because everything is hung for people about a foot smaller than us ... and Greg whacked his head on something metal; we´re not sure what. Whatever it was left a half-inch gash in his scalp. The beans weren´t worth it!

Our bag of handicrafts set us back just under US$9. In the car driving back to the main road, we talked about that. We didn´t bargain; should we have? What´s the point, it´s already so inexpensive. Are we then driving up prices like the flood of Californians settling in Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona are doing? I usually don´t feel bad about having money, especially since I don´t consider that we have a lot of money. I mean, other than the house, Little Jumbo is by far the most expensive thing we´ve ever bought. And it´s a used car. Fodder for future conversations, I´m sure.


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