I Moved To Oaxaca

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Aug 14, 2003 -- Greg and I finished our second-country cross-country trip yesterday, so we have a full day to relax before showing up at Berlitz tomorrow to hand in our first set of lesson plans. Oh, wait! We have to do the lesson plans today. I have three classes: a small-kids class (Let´s take the train!) and two pre-teen classes (telling time, calendars). I got off to a pretty good start this morning, thinking up activities like games and crafts and shit while Greg experimented with the new, German coffee pot. (He got it down on the second try, after toasting the spare o-ring.) I then decided to look on the Internet for some additional activity information ... and ended up playing around with blog software. Typical!

A bit about the drive across Mexico. We crossed the border at Laredo. The low point was waiting two hours in line for our permit to drive Little Jumbo across the border. The high point was getting two fabulous touring guidebooks when we got our car insurance from an outfit called Sanborn´s. They saved our bacon, since they listed detailed driving routes, city maps, places to stay, eat, points of interest, etc., which were almost completely lacking in the AAA book. You get them when you join their Sombrero Club (if you´re curious, ask Greg what it costs; I don´t remember).

The scenery was spectacular, especially for a desert-lovin´gal like myself. Huge Joshua Trees, a bevy of cacti, impressive mountains; the toll roads were good; and the weather was nice, especially now that we feel comfortable using the A/C.

We didn´t take any time to sightsee as we had a jones on to get back to Oaxaca, so we did the whole thing in about two days: half a day from Nueva Laredo to Matehuala, a full day from Matehuala to Pueba (including through Mexico City -- once is enough!), then another half day from Puebla to Oaxaca. Like I said, we were jonesing. My only regret is not stopping to buy cacti from the campesinos on the side of the road.


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