I Moved To Oaxaca

Monday, October 27, 2003

I never did manage to log in with WS_Pro LE, so I wasn't able to get photos from this weekend up -- I'll try again Wednesday.

But, I did get some mail today, real live mail from my friend Steve. A mix cd, "Suzanne's Songs for the Square." It's even got a fancy, computer-printed jacket, with a shot of the zocalo and inside, a snippet by Hampton Sides, "The Best Place to Do Absolutely Nothing:"

We needed time to reflect, to get ourselves some mole and some mescal and put some perspective on the long swirl of epochs. So we headed to the zocalo. No place beats the zocalo of Oaxaca for its sheer staying power -- that is, its capacity to entice a person to sat in one place, amused and mesmerized and oblivious to time. It's the most magnificantly sittable place I've ever sat my turista ass in.

And postcards. And a restaurant peppermint. He mailed it October 11 so, what, it only took 15 days regular mail. I can't wait to give a listen.


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